The Mainland Redux

We finally left La Cruz so we could start heading up into the Sea of Cortez, but not so fast. We wanted to revisit some of the places we’d been before on our little journey – places like Chacala and San Blas, and, in particular, one place we missed – Isla Isabela, which is not technically ON the mainland, but a gorgeous island just off the coast that supports an unimaginable number of birds. And we stopped in Mazatlán so we could take care of business – repairs, provisioning, and of course, laundry.

This time through, we took a hike up to a crater in Chacala, and tromped around town in San Blas. Last time in San Blas, we got lucky and were only marginally eaten by the jejenes (no-see-ums). This time we weren’t so lucky. We got chowed. Poor Ry. I think he was worse off than Jody. Ugh!

But this vid is way, way better…thx, Ry!


  1. Bud Stych

    The video taken from the drone shows the locals drying some green stuff. What was the green stuff and do they export it or is it just for the locals? Really enjoy keeping abreast of your adventure(s).
    Oh to be young again!
    We’ll be launching our home-built this spring after seven years of working on it!
    Nancy just arrived home today from rehab where she’s been since about Mar 14 after she slipped on some ice and broke her right femur.
    Refresh my memory, did cap’n Randy break a leg someplace around Lake Tahoe?
    Keep on paddling.
    Bud Stych

    1. Jody Fraser

      Hey Bud! Glad you enjoy the blog — we’ll send you an email. Love to Nancy!

  2. Mollie Clough

    Loving your adventures…your life is good. ?

    1. Jody Fraser

      Indeed. We’re pretty lucky 🙂

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