Isla Isabela – Oh My!

…because this place deserves its own post. We spent a couple days lounging around this spectacular little island. Being there brought us much joy and happiness. There are thousands and thousands of birds that occupy the island, but we were relieved to discover the anchorage wasn’t stinky. Instead it was blissfully calm – even when the wind blew, the water was flat – and blue, blue, blue; there were rays, billions of fish, and perfect drone material (see bottom of post for Ry’s vid — because if we put it first, you wouldn’t look at the others). We’ll let the photos/videos speak for us on this one…enjoy!

Amazing drone footage of Isla Isabela and Mazatl√°n – thank you, Ryan, for such incredible effort; we know it takes a lot (understatement) of time and patience to pull videos like this together. Stunning work.


  1. Pam Ellsworth

    Steve caught two blue footed boobys while trying to fish near Isla. Not fun trying to unhook them.

    1. Jody Fraser

      Ooooh no! Bummer. No more fishing for Steve!! Looks like you two are enjoying life, too. Hope to connect with you at some point in Mexico!

  2. Dee

    Wow. Amazing videos, amazing place. I see you made friends with those blue footed boobies! That’s what those are, right? I’m so glad u guys are getting to experience this beauty.

    1. Jody Fraser

      Us too!!

  3. Adam Hopps

    Increible! Well done Ryan and great to see all the good footage of Isla Isabela. You guys look great!

    1. Jody Fraser

      Yes, not sure what we’ll do without Ry…maybe have to get a drone?

  4. Terry Senechal

    So-o-o enjoying your posts and photos. Ryan’s video was beautifully done. It made Roland and me feel like we were there.

    1. Jody Fraser

      Wish you were here!!! Miss you both tons!

  5. Coralie Burgess

    It feels almost like I am there with you. xxoo.

    1. Jody Fraser

      You CAN be here with us ūüėČ Come visit!

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