The Life (October 2016 – ???)

Well, this is it…We managed to slip the lines and get on our way. As the old adage goes, this is the beginning of the rest of our lives. We have no specific plans except to cruise slowly down the west coast of Baja, then either turn the corner into the Sea of Cortez or, depending on the weather, mosey across to the mainland. We’ll see. If you wanna know where we end up, you’ll have to track us!


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Back on Da Boat - Mazatlán to La Cruz

Crossing into Mex at the CBXAfter spending an extended summer in the States, putting thousands of miles on the Civic and seeing oodles of loved ones (see previous posts), we returned to our floating home, and decided right then that … Read More »

Taking the High Road: Closing the Loop

Whew! After that gigantic, slightly better than epic road trip (see previous posts), we found ourselves back in San Diego. And just in time to celebrate Randy’s 50th one more (and last) time, participate in … Read More »

Taking the High Road, Part VII: Last Push - Tahoe to SD

Morning hike with Deb in Carnelian BayWe reluctantly put Oregon in the rear view mirror, after catching a glimpse of Thad and Kristin in Bend, and the stellar Crater Lake, and made a dash for Lake Tahoe, our home for the … Read More »

Taking the High Road, Part VI: Oh Oregon

Heading to Bend!We’d been anticipating our visit to Thad and Kristin’s terrestrial abode in Bend, Oregon, since, well, since they bought it, and since we saw them in Michigan earlier in the summer. They enthusiastically espoused the … Read More »

Taking the High Road, Part V: PNW Hodgepodge

Border crossing between Vancouver, BC, and Blaine, WAWe may have mentioned this, but when this road trip plan was hatched, it was supposed to be a tour of national parks, with a smattering of side trips to visit friends and family. Well, … Read More »

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