Isolation in The Sea: Photo-vid Mash-up

2020 Summer of COVID-19

Holy cow!! As I lamented in our recent Home Base post, we’re so far behind on this blog! I have been more or less computerless for nearly three-quarters of a year, and honestly, it hasn’t been a bad thing. But since I’ve got a functional machine again, let’s get caught up-ish, shall we? To do that, though, we have to go back in time just a bit. Back, in fact, to 2020 – remember that year? And because you’ve seen many of these places in previous posts, we thought sharing our experiences through photos and videos would suffice for now.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again over and over and over – this part of Mexico is stunningly beautiful, and sometimes hot AF, but, ahhhhhhh, we love it. Luckily, the summer of Covid was somewhat mild in temperature (compared to past weather archives), the water clarity was spectacular, and we still had access to an occasional ice cream cone. But the absolute best thing about the summer of Covid was the ability to spend some time with friends. Because we’d all been isolating from the population at large, we were able to share space, go on snorkeling excursions, hikes, and swims together, and, most of all, laugh together.

But before we send you on your way to enjoy the pics and the vids, we must acknowledge that one of our brethren, Stephanie aboard S/V Xpression, was handed a shit-sandwich this winter with a cancer diagnosis that we’re all hoping she can kick the crap out of. We had the pleasure of sailing and snorkeling with Xpression during the Covid summer, and not a day goes by that we don’t send all of them our heartfelt love and hope. You can do the same by checking in with Steff and the whole Xpression crew here. Here’s to you, Steff!

Ok, now for some vids and some pics.

Isla Carmen Gallery
Islas Coronados Gallery
Isla Monserrat Gallery
San Juanico and La Ramada Gallery





  1. Talk about time travel! Looking through those photos brought me right back to /feeling/ the joys of cruising. Cannot WAIT to be out there again with you all. Miss you both!

    1. Jody Fraser

      We cannot wait to be out there WITH Small World!! Miss you more!

  2. Steve Caligiuri

    love the photos! keep ’em coming

    1. Jody Fraser

      Working on it! Can’t seem to get caught up. Hope all is well with you, Steve!

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