Ever since our dear friend, Ryan, spent nearly three months with us back in 2017, flying his drone – launching from terra firma and from my hand while at sea – and taking amazing photographs of the places we sailed together, Rand wanted a drone. So he bought one the following spring. Then, three months later, he found himself diving into the sea to retrieve it after the battery went from full up to dead because of a software glitch. Luckily, Rand had the foresight to buy the unforeseen-circumstances-insurance, so DJI replaced the soggy one for a nominal cost (compared to what he paid for a brand new one). Needless to say, once he got the replacement, he was a little gun shy about flying the drone, but over time, he got up the gumption and sent it up again and again. There was/is definitely a learning curve, but he’s getting pretty proficient at it now.

Early on when drafting blog posts, I would inevitably forget about the drone footage, so a bunch of our videos didn’t include any of it. But I’m learning. Our future videos will certainly contain the amazing sights seen from a bird’s-eye view, but until the next post, we’ll leave you with a smattering of old stuff – some of which is shaky, and/or the transitions are janky, and the horizon is not always horizontal; this is partly due to a novice operator and/or software glitches. But the more recent shots are better and the transitions smoother, thanks to Rand getting more experience, gaining more confidence, and, of course, software updates. Enjoy!




  1. Greg Thomsen

    Whole new perspective from above. The joy of flying.

    1. Jody Fraser

      It’s pretty amazing and beautiful to see, albeit a bit stress-inducing when flying over a big, blue ocean! Hope you guys are staying very safe and very well. XXOO

  2. Carla and Matt

    Oh my goodness you guys!!!

    First, so cool to see you in action. Rand these were amazing.

    Keep on keeping on, friends!

    1. Jody Fraser

      We’re on it! Just flew the drone again this morning! Soon we’re going to have too much footage! Ditto to you guys re: your travels and fun stuff!

  3. Steve Caligiuri

    just wow. great views from above the literal sea level, now need some from below….. a mini sub next on the list?

    1. Jody Fraser

      Ha! No mini-sub, but maybe a new GoPro. Stay safe up there!

  4. Sue Fraser

    Beautiful scenery and the photography was also good! I’ll be anxious to see the scenes Randy’s done since he improved. Because these are great!

    1. Jody Fraser

      New footage coming in everyday! XXOO

  5. Nan Adams

    Love these! So glad Rand has a drone. Will never forget the day Ryan’s drone saved the day by finding “my” missing burros. Such a cool tool. Love to all and thanks for the footage from the air.

    1. Jody Fraser

      Ha!! Ryan and those burros! Such a great, unforgettable story! Missing you, Nan. Are you ever going to visit Todos Santos again? If you do, make sure you let us know. Love and hugs back!

  6. Felicia

    So beautiful…oh the places you’ve been!!!

    1. Jody Fraser

      …and the places you’ll go, Flea!

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