Punta Colonet

Punta Colonet (30 57 40N 116 17 23W) or as some guide books have it, Colnett

Environmental conditions: Air and water temp too cold to do anything.

Fridge temp: Perfect

Battery state: 13.2V (i.e., perfect)

We were told by the two fishermen at Todos Santos that we had to vacate the moorings by 0700, so at 0630, we towed SNL’s can back to them and handed it off via boat hook; they reattached to the mooring line, and away we went. Punta Colonet is visible on the chart as an unmistakable bluff that looks like a big ol’ nose. After a day of motor-sailing and a few hours of actual sailing, we arrived at sunset — another stunning sight. T/K made us dinner, we played some euchre, and rowed back to FL. The following morning, we heard loud, unfamiliar noises on the hull, and looking through one of the head hatches, we could see a playful harbor seal attempting to break-in to the opposite hatch! Wha…what? We shooed it away, but it returned again and again. Silly guy. Unfortunately, though, Rand awoke with the welcome-to-MX crud. So, it was a mellow day, which was nice — we caught up on some sleep and enjoyed the quiet. Luckily, Rand felt better the following morning in time for a long day sail to San Quintin.


  1. Carla

    Love your postings. Following along my friends.

  2. Attack of the harbor seal. Silly!

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