Bahía San Quintín

Bahía San Quintín (~30 22 40N 115 57 55W)

Environmental conditions: Air and water temp cold, but cruiser showers a must (brrrr).

Fridge temp: Perfect

Battery state: 13.2V (i.e., perfect)

We departed Punta Colonet at 0800; when we looked back, the harbor seal was watching us motor away. Silly guy. As with other mornings, we started out motor-sailing, but once we buzzed by Isla San Martin, the blow began. It was a bit boisterous for gybing downwind, so we chicken gybed (extra long tacks) our way down to Cabo San Quintín and into the bay. The bay is huge, and surrounded by dunes and dormant volcanoes. It is an interesting and beautifully desolate landscape. We reach our way up the bay to meet up with T/K — now affectionately known as “the Advance Team,” — who have been comfortably on the hook for a couple of hours. T/K made us dinner (again), we played some euchre (again), and headed back to FL. The next morning, we moved a bit west (Punta Entrada anchorage) to gain better shore access so we could get our legs working again and explored the land. We executed a nearly flawless beach landing on T/K’s dinghy, Pony, and went for an awesome hike along the beach, through the dunes, and up the old Monte Mazo volcano (a whopping 160’). So cool. But, that night was super surgey with strong tidal changes and a noisy anchor chain. What the…? Sleep was elusive, but naps are strongly encouraged and a common activity during passages to the next destination, which in this case was Punta Baja.


  1. Term of the day “chicken gybed.” Ha! Gorgeous beach. I’ll have to add it to our list.

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