To the Mexican Mainland – Again

The girls came, they saw, and then departed La Paz in early January, so we figured we would, too. Actually, we have a plane to catch out of Manzanillo in early February, so we really did need to get across and south at a slightly accelerated clip. Ok, is it time to change our tag-line to “going everywhere, kinda quickly” – just kidding, but sometimes we wonder how it is we continually seem to have a schedule to meet. Sheesh! Anyway, after leaving La Fuente (ice cream), Dulce Romero (bakery), and our buddies in La Paz, we had a gorgeous sail as we rounded the peninsula and tucked in at Ensenada de Los Muertos to wait out another norther. While we waited, Rand cooked up a storm in anticipation of the 50+ hour crossing that awaited us – fresh banana bread, a big ol’ enchilada bake…it makes it really easy to fill the void when the sea state is uncomfortable or it’s two in the morning.

After a few days of laying low then scoring a nice yellowtail right under the boat at daybreak, we departed Muertos. The crossing started out similar to last year’s, in that it was blowy and building; eventually, we were sailing under a double-reefed main and reefed genny, but still moving along quite spritely, with the breeze and seas at our backs. If not for the size of the seas, it would have been dreamy, but they were big enough to make da boat yaw about and put a little strain on Pancho (our third crew and autopilot). But things eventually mellowed and we enjoyed many hours of pleasant downwind love.

The plan was to make straight away for La Cruz, but we decided to make a pit stop at Isla Isabela, one of our favs, and have a little R&R with our buddies on S/Vs Dogfish and Small World. And, boy, are we glad we stopped! The place is surreal in its beauty and biological wonders. Boobies, frigates, tropic birds, cormorants, gulls, and pelicans abound. Not to mention spotted eagle rays, fish, fish, and more fish, AND whales breaching all around us. Ah-mazing.

Then it was off to La Cruz, where we were reunited with S/Vs Adventurer, Volaré, Striker, and Shanti. Yay! We were sad to find out, however, that Maru and Jeff, who ran Cruisers’ Comfort for the past several seasons, had closed up shop last fall and returned to Jeff’s homeland to take care of some health issues. We wish them well and send our love and positivity! But do not fret – Kat and Mike continue to offer excellent space and services to cruisers! Cheers to them!

Our three days in La Cruz were spent hauling laundry, provisioning at the various tiendas and, of course, Costco in Puerto Vallarta, cleaning da boat, working on the interwebs, gathering boat stuffs at Todo Vela, and socializing, socializing, socializing! It was so fun to be back here with such fun people. It was a quick stop, but it was just a prelude of things to come this winter. Can’t wait!!



And thanks again to our friends on Adventurer! One of the benefits of hanging out with Jeff and Brenda is that they’re vloggers and make really fun videos that, of late anyway, feature none other than the cast and crew of Free Luff! Yay! We’ve steered you to their YouTube Channel in previous posts, and as long as we’re taking advantage of their prowess, we’ll continue to promote their “work” because it’s good stuff! AND we’re in a bunch of their videos! Here’s another gem!


  1. Carla Adwell Webb

    SO good to see your smiling faces. OMG the snorkeling looks amazing!!

    1. Jody Fraser

      It is super amazing out at Isla Isabela! You should try it some time!!

  2. Mollie Clough

    Great recap and video! Such wonderful adventures…and the food… yummo!!
    Continue to have fun and be safe. 🌴🙋 Mollie

    1. Jody Fraser

      Thanks, Mollie! It’s a blast – we are so lucky! Glad you’re enjoying it from afar!

  3. Jay Long

    Lovely spots and good times. I continue enjoying the vicarious experience.

    1. Jody Fraser

      We’ll keep sharing just to keep you happy! 😉

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