Time to Head South (Again) to La Paz

November 25 – December 14, 2018

Still getting caught up on the blog…here’s a super short post to get us there. It’s all about the pics anyway, right?

Once we saw the Sacketts and their caravan off from Bahía Concepción, it was time to make our way back to La Paz so we could fly to the States for the Christmas holiday, with visits to San Diego and Venice, FL, on the docket. We dawdled a bit on the way south, as the northers were trying to set in, so we tucked in a few nights in various anchorages for protection from the blows. It’s always nice to just hunker down and watch the world go by (while watching many movies) in the comfort of our little bubble.

We managed to enjoy some of our all-time favs, San Juanico with Tigress II, Honeymoon Cove and Puerto Esco, and Isla San Francisco. We love these little gems and enjoy stretching our legs on terra firma – not to mention, these places are absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and the sailing…some of the best up here in the Sea.

We finally made it to La Paz on December 11 and were so glad to lock eyes with Greg and Marga of Dogfish and hang out a bit more with Mike and Nancy on Shanti. While we relish the solitude of having anchorages to ourselves from time to time, we also love, love, love reconnecting with our sailing brethren, because who knows when we’ll see them again. ‘Tis the nature of this life – we meet, we share stories and meals, then, inevitably we part ways in hopes of crossing paths sometime in the future.

Until then, we were off to the good ol’ U.S. of A for some home-cookin’!