Summer Camp Fireworks!

Location and Moorage: Two Harbors, Isthmus Cove (33 26 598N, 118 29 779W); three nights on mooring

After a sleepless night in White Cove, we were happy to grab a mooring in Isthmus Cove (the main bay off of Two Harbors and near Cherry Cove), thanks to our neighbor, Fred on Pacifico, who owns the mooring we scored (remember it is the 4th of July weekend, so it’s pure mayhem and moorings are at a premium). We were a stone’s throw from She’s No Lady and Mary ‘Ell was just down the way. So it was play time with Thad, Kristin, Simon, Erin, Adam, Molly and Mariah. And of course, Paddington.

But, dammit, it was chilly! The wind was howling through the isthmus, making the air temp at least close to freezing. Haha! So, not a lot of water play, but hanging out on boats, chatting, snacking, and going ashore for Buffalo Milk (the infamous drink at the Harbor Reef bar), and hiking was just perfect. We did have some sun, mind you, and it was absolutely lovely; it was the air temp that wasn’t cooperating. But just spending time with some of our favorite people made enduring the cold all worth it. And of course, there were fireworks. It made the weekend complete.