Punta Abreojos

Punta Abreojos (26 42 72N 113 33 90W)

Environmental conditions: Air and water temp tolerable. No surf.

Fridge temp: Perfect

Battery state: 13.1V (i.e., perfect)

Euchre score: DNP

Rippin’ sail today, well, initially anyway. We left Asunción again at first light under a single-reefed main and full genny and were hauling ass until we ended up in some weird opposing current, shifty wind vortex thing and had to resort to a motor-assisted escape. The wind had shifted and ramped up, so we put in a second reef; within an hour, we were shaking it out and struggling to make way. Go figure. We ended up motor-sailing until we entered the bay, then we had a nice reach up into the anchorage. We did lose our wind sender for awhile and had to tie a shoelace around the shroud to give us a better grip on our apparent wind direction. But then it started working again. Hmmm…need to check it out.

So, once again, the Advance Team arrived first and discovered yet another super rolly anchorage — partly because of the panga madness, which was no bueno for being on the hook. But, we connected via text with Scott, the husband of Flea’s childhood buddy, Jennifer, and he connected us with Polito, their neighbor and dear friend, who took us to Scott and Jen’s house, which is under construction, where we were able to poach a little wifi and Rand was able to get a little work done. Get all that? Super above-and-beyond and kind, and a super cute house to boot. We eventually found our way to Antojitos Juanita where there was more wifi and the chilaquiles and huevos rancheros were fantastic.

Abreojos is a cool little town with a lot to offer, and the scene of one of the more memorable adventures of Free Luff on the way up the coast nearly 10 years ago, when a kindly fisherman carted us around town in the back of his pickup to gather diesel, beer, and some produce, all for nothing but a smile (and a five-pack of Tecate). We were looking forward to getting back to this place and spending some time here. Unfortunately, because of the conditions in the anchorage (east wind was causing nasty wind waves) and lack of surf for Rand, we only stayed one night and headed on to San Juanico.


  1. Roland and Terry Senechal

    You guys are having w-w-w-w-way too much fun! We are loving your posts. Photos are beautiful. Can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Jody Fraser

      Yeah…not too shabby, huh? We miss you guys, though. Hope all is well with yous. Jody will be home next week for a week and will definitely be around the Bay Club!

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