Post Shakedown – Weeks Winding Down

Quit job: Check

Check things off “Do Now” list: Check

Going away parties: Check (well, two more to come!)

See as many friends/family as possible: Check

Aaaaannnd, we’re exhausted. Several things got done since our last post (as usual, mostly because of Capt. Randy), and da boat is starting to feel like a home again. There were (and still are) times when the boat looks like disaster struck and it feels never ending; there are tools strewn about, greasy rags on the floor, no room to walk, wax wedged under our fingernails, etc., but we can honestly say, we’re close enough — we really could leave tomorrow — there would just be projects done underway, which will almost always be the case.

So, let’s see, here’s some of what “we” accomplished:

Installed and christened the composting head (on the morning of the boat fire; see Miscellania)

Replaced the house battery bank (i.e., pulled the old batteries (that weigh 76 lbs each), installed the new ones, built the necessary structures to secure them, and tested them for days to make sure they were working as expected)

Bought used drifter and had bow sprit installed (boom! looking rather sporty now 🙂 )

Replaced thermostat for fridge (again) with a digital one this time (it is working splendidly, thank-you-very-much)

Replaced two hatch gaskets; and

Waxed almost the whole boat (because we’d gotten so far behind)

AND, there were two going away parties for Jody with her Palm Springs peeps (who gave her a GoPro — YES!!), a birthday dinner for Ry, and lunch with good friends. Next week, there’s one more going away party for Jody with her Carlsbad peeps and yet another one for us plus the Nelsons at the Bay Club Marina. It’s all a bit overwhelming and fun and exciting and sad at the same time. Wonder what it’ll be like once we slip the lines…


  1. Heather J

    Help a sister out – what’s a bow spirit? xo

    1. Jody Fraser

      Ok, sista, a bow sprit is a spar that projects from the bow of the boat, which will allow us to carry more sail. We’ve known for a long time that our head sail (genoa) is too heavy for light wind conditions, so we decided it was time to add a bow sprit and get a lighter sail. So that’s what we did. Happy now!

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