Post Shakedown – Weeks Blending Together

Starting to feel the pinch now. Our welcome at the Bay Club Marina ran out, but we managed to squeak in across the fairway at the Half Moon Marina, which is attached to Humphrey’s, so we’re not losing our concert-poaching capabilities. Thank goodness, as Air Supply plays next week! The past few weeks have been hectic and stressful. More so for Rand because Jody goes to the desert for the better part of each week and he is stuck doing the lion’s share of boat projects while still trying to keep his clients happy. But we’re hammering away at stuff. Here’s what we’ve been up to – you may recognize some of the items from previous posts (hmmm, now that’s suspicious).

Modified shelf in aft starboard cabin to accommodate new freezer (yay!) and had ice cream (double YAY!)

Pulled heat exchangers off engines for flush/overhaul and reinstalled with new thermostats and hoses

Replaced four hatch lenses (then promptly scratched one) and have a few extras

Remounted winch handle holder and mounted the Dan Buoy

Received and customized latex topper for berth (yay)

Ordered and received composting head; removed old Jabsco and filled holes in the sole in prep for new head

Ordered and received new lithium battery bank; built shelf in port side engine compartment to accommodate moving the port starter battery

Ordered replacement thermostat for the refrigerator and had it installed (seems to be working)

Fixed cracks along bottom of new propane locker (again)

Got a replacement YOLO SUP (and it has defects that are apparently “normal” — hmmm)

Catalogued spare parts and bought some more (you can never have too many)

Secured new bank accounts

Got new credit cards (ones with no international fees)

Bailed from Verizon and still struggling with T-Mobile

Amidst all the projects, we’ve maintained a busy social calendar, so we can feel some love before heading south. Debbie from Truckee came to stay as she anxiously awaited the arrival of her new grandbaby (Decklynn, who arrived on September 1 – same day as my beautiful niece, Courtney, and my late grandpa Sato); we spent a few hours with Kathleen and Matt, who we will miss dearly, especially around college hoops season; we had some time with Jody’s family to celebrate what would have been her Mom and Pop’s 56th wedding anniversary; caught a Padres v. Red Sox game with Jody’s workmates; and we hit up Viva Las Vegas for the 38th Annual CHP Softball Tournament (we’ve attended an upwards of 25 of those). We also grabbed some much needed time with Rand’s parents who came to visit from Traverse City, and we celebrated Rand and Jer’s bdays on the Bay and at Pizza Nova. Whew! I’m exhausted just reading this! But it’s all been worth it!

The big news — Jody gave notice at work (AHHHH!! 18 years. Done!)! Our departure date remains up in the air as we’re hanging tight for the Nelsons on She’s No Lady. We’ll let you know when we launch!



  1. Carla

    Congrats Jody! 18 years…. Your Do Now list is impressive and I’m learning as you go?

    1. Jody Fraser

      Thanks, Carla. It’s been a long-time coming. It’s hard to believe it’s here!! Ah!

  2. Stacy

    Wow! I’m exhausted from all your activities and work! You guys rock! Let me know when you’re waxing? Love ya!

    1. Jody Fraser

      We’re waxing when YOU’RE waxing!! Haha! Love yous, too!

  3. Heather J

    Catching up on these late – Congratulations Jody!!!!

    1. Jody Fraser

      Thx, H!! Scary and exciting and scary and exciting!! Love yous!

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