Los Frailes, Baja California Sur

Los Frailes (23 22 83N 109 25 48W)

Environmental conditions: Sometimes overcast but perfectly pleasant; water temp gorgeous

Fridge temp: Perfect

Battery state: 13.2V (i.e., perfect)

Euchre score: Boys may have won (Jody can’t quite piece it together)

Departed SJDC around 0700 after fueling up. We took advantage of the calm weather and tidied up a bunch of stuff around da boat, made some water, did a load of laundry, and caught our second bonito and Capt. Fishguts filleted it underway. The short passage was delightful, complete with whales and jumping rays.

We set the hook in a gorgeous anchorage in the wide open bay at Los Frailes; the only two boats — again — which made it all that much more spectacular. In stark contrast to Cabo, there was only one hotel, a few large, fancy homes, lots of RV/camping going on, and some pangas moving at night, mostly.

The Advance Team made dinner; FL provided a bonito asian fusion tacos appetizer. Then it was time to watch the vid that Simon and Erin of S/V Mary ‘Ell gave to us prior to our departure from San Diego. The requirement was that we’d become sufficiently “salty” before we watched it.

The Dodo’s Delight segment was produced by Reel Rock Film Tour and featured a bunch of cowboy climbers who hired a sailboat captain (75+ years young) and the S/V Dodo’s Delight to take them to places only accessible by water on Baffin Island and Greenland in order bag some first ascents. What?! It was an amusing video and we certainly get why Simon and Erin demanded that we wait a month or so before we watched it; however, we’re not sure we’re the cowboys that these guys are — with a substantial disregard for safety and forethought.

But in that vein, the four of us went on an expedition of our own. Let’s call it Dodo’s Delight Reprise — it consisted of a treacherous, albeit short, steep hike to the 750’ peak of the granite knob that dropped precipitously into the sea. And we came away unscathed. Whew! We did take some vid, but still need to figure out the editing program (sorry, Flea!). But alas, there are photos!

And just so you don’t think we’re always just goofing off, we did clean the boat bottom in preparation for the crossing to the mainland.


  1. Bud Stych

    Really appreciate the captions with the pictures!

    1. Jody Fraser

      Glad you’re enjoying the pics, Bud! They’re probably the best part! Happy holidays to you and the fam!

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