Fun with Fam (and Ry)

We’re back in Bahía de Banderas! We left the Costalegre to connect with Tobin and Gretchen, who were in Nuevo Vallarta for a medical conference and general goofing around with us. Ryan also made his was up from SNL and Barra de Navidad to fetch his new (replacement) drone from T/G (he had said drone shipped to their home and it arrived a couple hours before they were leaving for Mexico). And as timing would have it, just as Ry stepped out of the taxi at the airport and was glancing at a photo of T/G – since they’d never met before and he had no idea who he was looking for – Tob walked up to him and said, “Ryan?” Yeppers. New drone delivered successfully! We’ve decided Ry has THAT kind of karma. Here’s a taste:

Prior to T/G/Ry’s arrival, however, we spent a couple of days in Punta de Mita and realized just how much we enjoy it. Between the murals, the surf opportunities, the wifi, and the guys who work at El Anclote, we definitely plan to spend more time there. Plus, we reconnected with our friends, Kristy and Dan, aboard S/V Te Poerava, a lovely couple on a beautiful Maxim 380. But as timing would have it, they’re doing the Pacific Puddle Jump, like, right now, so our window of opportunity to hang out with them closed pretty quickly. May they have fair winds and following seas!

Once T/G and Ry arrived, it was non-stop! There were looooong beach walks, beers and chips and guac at the beach palapas, dinner buffets and swimming at the all inclusive, wandering the markets of Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta, many bus rides, lounging on da boat, sailing and whale-looking (manta rays too – OMG!), and of course, droning – both ashore and from a moving FL! Ry has an amazing feel for the drone and takes spectacular footage.

One notable event during this special family/Ry time was when Jody fell off the vegetarian wagon. Hard. She’d been craving bacon for years – living at the Bay Club Marina started it, as every morning at the hotel, when bacon was fried up for the hotel guests, the smell wafted down the docks, taunting, taunting, taunting. But she held out. Until one night in Bucerias. The plan was to go to Chin-Gon (super yummy Thai food) with T/G/Ry, but it was closed, so the jones for tacos al pastor (gyro-like spit-grilled meat brought by the Lebanese immigrants to Central Mexico) took over. Only one place popped up on a Google search, El Fogoncito, so that’s where we went. Classic real Mexico eatery – open to the street, dogs and kids wandering around, and a jovial and attentive staff. And awesome chow. Jody ordered her usual cheese quesadilla, but Ry made her a taco, piled with al pastor, bacon, onions, and peppers, which were all grilled together and smothered in cheese. OMG. She was happy, and luckily, experienced zero gastrointestinal repercussions. Ha! There hasn’t been any additional intake of meat or bacon since, but the time may come again – sooner than later. Especially with Ry around.

The visit with T/G was way too short, but we’re so glad they made it this way and look forward to connecting with them again soon. And any and all of you, too! Let’s make a plan!