Bahía de Banderas — Pre-holiday Adventures

Highlights from Saturday, December 10 through Wednesday, December 14.

Arrived Bahía de Banderas on December 10 – spent one lovely night at Punta de Mita after a nice sail into the anchorage. Swam with jellies (not so nice), watched the MLS soccer match at El Original Anclote, Rand went for a surf off the point, then we sailed over to La Cruz to meet up with half of the Advance Team (Kristin had already left for Florida).

Arrived in La Cruz just in time for SNF with Thad, Jenn and Jason (S/V Danika) at El Quinto Elemento (EQE) a lovely little joint owned and operated Eric and Luz. Stopped in at La Ballena Blanca (LBB) for some live tunes with a pretty good band; the woman on the jembe kicked ass.

Then there was laundry and work for Rand. Discovered Cruisers Comfort (CC) which is a fantastic spot designed for cruisers to chill, grab some wifi, read from the book-sharing library, have a snack in the kitchenette, and have a real shower. It’s run by a wonderful woman named Maru, who could double as a Spanish teacher. Thad and Jody took a bus adventure to Telcel and Auto Zone in Nuevo Vallarta, then we lunched at the La Cruz Inn. Finally, it was back to da boats for a swim and got stung by little jellies (not horrible, like little skeeters).

Took FL out for a sail on the bay so we could make water, but didn’t make much compared to our deficit. We did see whales though, so that was a bonus, but plucked a balloon out of the water — not such a bonus.

Checked in with the port captain, picked up laundry, caught a bus with Jenn and Jason to Bucerias. Hung out at Barchelata for soccer and lots of Modelo, had awesome Thai food at Chin-Gon, then walked the beach back to La Cruz, and got there in time for the full moon live music at the marina. Then it was back to da boat just after cruiser’s midnight (2100) and a skinny dip to cool off and clean up.

This cruising life is BUSY! What happened to all that down time we’re supposed to be getting….?

Highlights from Thursday, December 15 through Tuesday, December 20.

Rad burrito and fries at LBB, found the Octopus’s Garden (OG) to get the lowdown on yoga, then back to EQE for TNF.

Did yoga on the deck of FL. Went into town to seek out new hose. After four different shops, finally bought one for $130 pesos. Settled in at CC for a few hours so Rand could work and took showers at CC…so nice. Had dinner at Tacos on the Street with Jenn and Jas. Went for music and cake at LBB and more music at the OG. Lots of older folks out dancing. Fun night.

Caught a van down to Bucerias (again) to check out the market (Jody bought a hat after Kristin haggled), hung out at Barchelata (again), then met Jenn and Jas at Chin-Gon (again — this time so Kristin could enjoy it, too). We then walked the beach back to La Cruz (again), and it was just as gorgeous as the first time. We ended up at Oso’s for a few cervesas y margaritas y totopos, then listened to some kick-ass Mexican music in the Plaza and watched the locals dance and enjoy themselves, and then to the OG for a night cap. Super fun day!

Spent a day and a half in the Marina Riviera Nayarit to scrub the crap outta da boat and get some projects done. It was very fruitful. Headed back out to the anchorage for a swim and get settled on the hook before dinner with the S/V Danika crew (Jenn and Jas), including Danika herself — who is Jason’s daughter, visiting from Colorado. We had a lovely dinner at La Cava de las Martinez and a few beers at our ol’ stompin’ grounds, ELE.

Took in a lovely yoga class with Kristin at the OG. Spent a couple hours at CC, then met none other than Reuben Shelton, who worked with Rand in Incline at the Village Ski Loft and was in town for a wedding in Sayulita, for lunch at LBB. Took he and Breezy out to da boat for a swim, then went over to SNL for some euchre. Boys won 2-1. Dang.

Then on December 21, we were off to Los Estados Unidos – San Diego and Traverse City – for the holidays!


  1. Mollie Clough

    Merry Christmas and smooth safe sailing in 2017. Keep those pictures coming! ????

  2. Bud Stych

    A while back, maybe two days into Mexico, you showed a picture of pens where “fish farming” was going on. Could you point me to that picture?
    Bud Stych

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