Back in the Mexican Saddle: La Paz to BLA

August 12 – September 21, 2018

Based on the blog contents, you’d think we’d left Mexico for good, but no, we came back – we’re not done with this place yet. We actually returned right after Thailand (mid-August 2018), and it’s been a whirlwind ever since! The itinerary was full of across and back, south to north, across and back, north to south…you get the picture. So, we’ve broken up the stories of our escapades into a few different posts. Good luck!

First, we returned to La Paz – where it was HOT! But luckily, we’d just come from Thailand where it was also HOT! It took about five days to put da boat back together after more than two months away. This meant putting the sails and bimini cover back on; reconnecting the solar array; rebooting the refrigerator; cleaning, cleaning, cleaning da boat; and restocking on food. The La Paz heat took its toll on the fridge system, and we spent most of the rest of the summer coaxing it back to life. Oy. Luckily, it kept things cold – it was just working too hard to do it.

After we got ourselves, the fridge, and FL mostly dialed in, we took about two and a half weeks to get up to Bahía de Los Ángeles for a short stint, hitting some old and new spots along the way – the Foyer at Bahía San Gabriel (Espirítu Santo), Isla San Francisco, Punta Cobre, Agua Verde (where we enjoyed a birthday dorado), Candeleros Chico, Candeleros, Ballandra on Isla Carmen, Bahía San Nicholas north of Punta Pulpito, Santo Domingo, Sweet Pea Cove on Isla San Marcos, Santa Rosalia, Punta Trinidad, Caletas Mujeres and San Francisquito, Isla Las Animas, and Partida. It was a beautiful couple of weeks, and it gradually cooled off as we moved north – well, at least the water temp did, thankfully, which makes a big difference. Although it seemed the fishing had cooled off as well, unfortunately.

We only managed to spend two and a half weeks in BLA with some of the usual suspects as well as some new-to-us cruisers. It was much hotter in BLA this year than last, but still a respite from the heat further south. Because Rand still had to keep up with work, we stayed close to the Village and spent most of our time at Isla La Ventana, Pata y Bota, Pescador, and Don Juan, where we sat out a bit of a blow with a bunch of our friends, and celebrated Rand’s bday with fresh fish curry and Nancy’s (S/V Shanti) homemade coconut flan. Wow.




  1. Thank you for providing some much needed calming of the nerves. Hearing that in only took 5 days to put Free Luff back together is what I’m going to hold on to until October when it’s time to do the same to Small World. (October…NINE months. Ugh.) Glad you all are back out there. I’m waving at you from Puerto Peñasco!

    1. Jody Fraser

      Hi up there in PP! Hang in there, Craig. It’s all about finding your Zen place, even when you’re elbow deep in projects. Hope we see you guys sooner than later!

  2. So fun. Love the videos!

    1. Jody Fraser

      Looking forward to YOUR vids, T!! XXOO

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