2020 Migration: Costalegre Love

December 27, 2019 – February 24, 2020

This 2019-2020 sailing season has been a bit different for us – in more ways than one – we seem to be arriving earlier and spending longer periods of time in various locations along our typical migration path. We normally move along at a pretty good clip, so it’s been quite nice to slow down. After spending November and almost all of December in Bahía de Banderas, which included a quiet Christmas in La Cruz, we took advantage of some spicy breezes later that week that pushed us down to one of our favorite parts of the mainland coast – the Costalegre, where for the past 4 years, we’ve enjoyed an annual pilgrimage to the likes of Punta Perula, Bahía Chamela, Tenacatita, and Barra de Navidad.

Oh, and while da boat rested comfortably in the Barra lagoon, Rand and I staggered a couple of trips north (so one of us could be on da boat most days) – he to Canada for his annual brothers’ ski trip, and me to southern CA for some much needed time with da homies. Then, and most importantly, little did we know that a worldwide pandemic would keep us in this area much longer than anticipated, but that’s a separate post. And this after a jaunt to Zihuatanejo – also another post. Lots going on – lots of moving parts.

So, while the COVID-19 pandemic was leaving a wake in Asia and Europe and quietly sinking its claws into the States, we were blissfully reconnecting with old friends and the French Baker, making new friends, eating street tacos and churros, and enjoying happy hours and rubbing elbows with our sailing brethren. One doesn’t often realize just how social this lifestyle can be, and how much we really thrive on social interactions – the inane blathering and lively political conversations, laughs, and hugs we collect while hanging out in different anchorages. Extroverts like me need socialization, and Barra and the surrounding anchorages, especially Tenacatita, are perfect for filling our socialization tanks. So, in the early months of this year, we were able to enjoy our typical social schedule.

January Gallery
Quick-trip-across-the-border Gallery
February Gallery



  1. Kathy Long

    Jo and Rand,

    Great pics, fabulous video, and wonderful text, as always. So enjoy your adventures! Even though I don’t usually take the time to leave a comment, please know how much I enjoy and value your blog.
    Miss and love you guys,

    1. Jody Fraser

      We’d love to follow your adventures, too, Kath…if only you had a blog. Ha! Love you guys!

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