La Cruz to Tenacatita to Barra

Well, it was a record for cruisers in La Cruz – which is known as one of the “Velcro” towns in Mexico – we made it outta there in only 4 days! It was a fun few days, what with the food, the friends, movie night at Marina La Cruz, a road trip to Costco, and fresh water for cleaning da boat (yes, I’ve discovered that this is one thing I truly miss – despite drought conditions everywhere – I love a freshwater-clean FL) – we busted a move with three other boats, and made our way south to Bahía Tenacatita and eventually Barra de Navidad.

Of course, the roughly 125-nm passage to Tenacatita was a race, so FL shot outta the gate (who cares if it was 30-minutes before S/V Striker and at least an hour or two before S/Vs Volaré and Adventurer?) and maintained our lead right up until we were just outside Bahía Tenacatita, when a 20-lb dorado pinned us down. Fish on, Capt. Fishguts!! In the end, FL was the last to settle on our hook, as usual – only about two hours after our competitors (and NOT because we’re slow, Jeff and Thad!) – but we brought dinner, and it was scrumptious! It was also the kick-off to 10 activity-filled days that left all of us absolutely spent. In fact, on the 8th day, most of us didn’t leave the shelter of our respective boats because we needed a recovery day. It was all snorkeling, swimming, SUPing, surfing, sailing CD, beach walking… AND, the event of the year – the Tenacatita Triathlon!

Rand was so inspired by this playground and all it had to offer that he drummed up interest in a swim, run, SUP event. Sailors aboard JollyDogs, Harlequin, Volaré, Striker, and FL gave it their all for the grand prize of Ferrero-Rochert chocolates supplied by Volaré. The swim to the beach started at FL and was about 300-yds; the run on the beach (in the sand, mind you) was about 3/4-mi; and the SUP was around the entire fleet of 30+ boats with a tough upwind leg. In the end, it was Rand who won the chocolate, but honorable mention must go to Eileen of Striker, who had only been on a SUP once prior to this event – she came in third! Impressive. Fun was had by all! So much so that we rewarded ourselves with Rollos del Mar and other noms and libations at the beach palapa. (Rollo del Mar is a specialty meal of fish stuffed with shrimp, all wrapped in bacon and fried, then slathered with an almond cream sauce – whoa.) The athletes were satiated after this and a margarita or two.

Eventually it was time to head to Barra, where we would put FL to bed for a couple of weeks and head back up to the States so Rand could connect with his brothers for their annual ski outing, and I could rub elbows with my homies once again. But Barra wasn’t without fun of its own – again with Adventurer and Volaré, and a lagoon full of other cruisers. Mostly, we ate. We ate pizza, churros, ice cream, al pastor, papas rellenas, churros, and did I say ice cream? Ugh. Time to go to San Diego so I can lose some lbs!

Until next time…enjoy the numerous pics and the numerous vids!

And once again, Adventurer provided a spiffy vids of some Tenacatita fun and Barra de Navidad noms. They also feature drone video by Jason of Volaré. Thanks, guys!!!


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    Fun times. And wow, you weren’t kidding about the size of that fish!

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