The Interim (Aug-Oct 2016)

Shakedown: Check

List of s#%* to do: Check

Now begin the REAL preparations for the REAL deal. Yikes! With the Shakedown under our belt, we’re convinced this really is what we want to do, at least for now. We have no plans beyond Mexico (but we hope to be there at least two solid seasons), so we are focused on preparing for warmer, potentially buggier, climes. That is, we’re loading up on board shorts, bikinis, and surf boards; identifying clothes we plan to give away once we land in Mex; and having some screens for the hatches made, among other things. Boat projects are breathing down our necks, but we’re on it! See following posts to get an idea of what’s going on aboard Free Luff.

Recent Posts from Interim:

Leaving Home

Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife folksBefore we get to the goings-on in Mexico, we should provide a quick wrap-up of our time in San Diego. You guessed it, more parties! Jody’s work mates in Carlsbad arranged a pizza and beer … Read More »

Post Shakedown - Weeks Winding Down

The cockpit in its typical stateQuit job: Check Check things off “Do Now” list: Check Going away parties: Check (well, two more to come!) See as many friends/family as possible: Check Aaaaannnd, we’re exhausted. Several things got done since our … Read More »

Post Shakedown - Weeks Blending Together

img_7413Starting to feel the pinch now. Our welcome at the Bay Club Marina ran out, but we managed to squeak in across the fairway at the Half Moon Marina, which is attached to Humphrey’s, so … Read More »

Post Shakedown - Week 3

Well, the interim doesn’t have to be all about boat prep, does it? No, it doesn’t. So, we stole away one more time to Catalina for the 11th Annual West Coast Multihulls rally. We think … Read More »

Post Shakedown - Weeks 1 and 2

IMG_7313Jody headed back out to the desert to dive back into her real job, Rand stayed home to work from and on da boat. Remember that LIST we mentioned? Well, it was time to start … Read More »