Leaving Home

Before we get to the goings-on in Mexico, we should provide a quick wrap-up of our time in San Diego. You guessed it, more parties! Jody’s work mates in Carlsbad arranged a pizza and beer shindig at Pizza Port where she had the best root beer in a long time, and the pizza, of course, was the bomb. So, thank you my CFWO peeps. I will miss yous!!

Jody’s last day at work was October 14, bringing to an end an 18-year career as a biologist for the Federal government (U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). It was a quiet last-day-in-the-office, as the majority of her coworkers were either teleworking or on their days off. This was good. A lot less crying. So away she goes — off to the world of the “retired”/unemployed with no health insurance (ok, that’s not totally true; we’re buying a policy for Mexico, but we’ll have no coverage in the good ol’ U.S. of A if we need it). With this new employment status, we’re one step closer to the most excellent adventure…

The big blow out and final bon voyage (soiree #4) was thrown by ourselves and our buddy boaters, Thad and Kristin on She’s No Lady. We illegally rafted FL up to SNL at the Bay Club Marina in a very non-traditional manner — that is we were perpendicular to SNL’s stern, hanging a bit into the main fairway. It was a good thing the wind was only blowing 7-10 knots with gusts to 15. No problem. But it was never really an issue because SNL blocks a lot of wind. The soiree was fantastic. Between the four of us, we managed to suck in about 50 of our family and friends, old and new. It was a heartfelt event, if not bittersweet, too; to be saying “so-long” to so many, but looking so forward to casting off to new adventures.

A lot happened during our 10 years in San Diego — we got to spend a great deal of time with Jody’s family, becoming better friends with some, losing some, and becoming guide parents to Baby Jack. We were able to host Randy’s family and lots of his Michigan-based buddies on a few occasions as well. We met a whole slough of new friends, made life-long BFFs, and reconnected with old friends, too. The new friends we collectively refer to as “Summer Camp” (Erin, Simon, Karin, Ryan, Molly, Adam, and Thad and Kristin) made our time at Bay Club so full of love and fun — we will forever cherish and giggle at all the memories and anticipate making new ones.

It is not without some reservations and loads of anxiety (mostly on Jody’s part) that we depart on this journey, but it is a long sought after dream that we would be crazy to pass up. So, we’re off! Thank you to everyone who came to our going away parties, or who were there in spirit, and have enriched our lives to no end. We’ll be looking forward to having visitors along the way, so let’s make plans!!



  1. Diane Sawasaki

    You picked the perfect time to be out of the USA!! Bon voyage! Love ya–D

  2. Diane Sawasaki

    I just thought of something–do you guys speak Spanish?

    1. Jody Fraser

      Learning! Slowly…

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