Isolation in The Sea: Home Base

2020 Summer of COVID-19

A few of you may have noticed that it’s been a long while since we’ve posted to the blog. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first being that back in December we became a one computer family – my computer became an expensive paperweight, and with Rand working, it’s hard for me to get any screen time. Blessing or curse? You decide. The other reason was our obsession with the news coming out of the U.S. regarding the lead-up to the election last fall, the election, everything that happened since the election, the inauguration (how about that Amanda Gorman?!), the actions of the new Congress and SCOTUS – and not to mention the Covid, Covid, Covid. It seemed irresponsible or tone deaf or Polly-Anna-ish to post a happy blog without acknowledging all that is going on north of the border and around the world in general. Regardless, we’re happy to call the U.S. home and are looking forward to a fully-vaccinated summer when we head back up north.

Because we’re so far behind, we’re simply going to let the pictures do the talking for this and the next few posts. To reorient you, as described in the Candeleros y Candeleros Chico post, we (reluctantly) stayed south of the more remote environs of Bahía de Los Ángeles and the whale sharks last summer to ensure Capt. Rand was able to connect to the internet and earn my keep, and I was able to text/call family and friends nonstop. We orbited around the following spots for 6 months (!), with occasional jaunts out to nearby islands or anchorages when Rand could afford a little extra down time:

  1. Puerto Escondido for a secure mooring when weather blew in, when we needed to do laundry, or we wanted to eat in a safe restaurant environment (and marginal, yet somewhat reliable connectivity);
  2. Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante, but only once or twice because the bees were so fierce. Hence, we mostly avoided this lovely spot, unfortunately. Historically, it’s been one of our favorite, go-to anchorages. Drats.
  3. Nopolo (aka Loreto Bay) for nice snorkeling (and mostly reliable (free) wifi);
  4. Loreto for provisioning, propane, and ice cream (and very reliable connectivity); and
  5. T&A, or unofficially known as Tom and Annie’s Window to Paradise, for excellent snorkeling and good protection from southies and westerlies (and ok connectivity with a cell booster). This dreamy little anchorage is named affectionately for our friends on S/V Tappan Zee, one of the only other boats that braved the Covid summer with us.

So, this little loop, including a couple of other spots on Isla Carmen, served effectively as our home base for the Covid summer, and it was quite homey.

Puerto Escondido Gallery
Honeymoon Cove, Nopolo, and Loreto Gallery
Tom and Annie’s Window to Paradise (aka T&A’s) Gallery



  1. Marit Glenne

    Your blog makes me long for Days in and around Loreto, paddling to Carmen and Dezante islands ! Hope to get back there! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I could get there…

    1. Jody Fraser

      We highly recommend you make it back here. Maybe when things with the Covid settle down. It’s definitely one of our favorite areas in The Sea! Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

  2. Coralie Burgess

    Glad to see you both look healthy and happy despite being “expats” for so long! Like the videos, especially the lightning! Neat drone videos.
    Things are slowly, slowly opening up in Placer County, California – restaurants are allowed 25% indoor dining capacity as of last Sunday. Haven’t been in one yet …..
    We are having a very fun Tahoe ski season.

    1. Jody Fraser

      Yes, we’re glad things are slowly getting a bit more “normal,” or at least a new normal is being established. We are looking forward to some time in the States with family and friends this summer! We hope to be fully vaccinated, too!! Love and miss you guys. So glad you’re enjoying the snow season!

  3. Nautilus

    Beautiful pictures!!! We summered up in the SOC around Bahia LA, explored the midriff islands and hauled out in Guaymas around the holidays. Now back on the Baja side in PE, heading to la Paz. Hope to cross paths with you!!!!

    1. Jody Fraser

      Lovely! Yes, perhaps we’ll connect again this fall! Enjoy the Baja side…we always do!

  4. Greg Thomsen

    Your from the heart tales of your adventures are much appreciated.
    Please update our email address in your records to
    Thanks, Greg

    1. Jody Fraser

      Hey there! So glad you’re still following the blog despite the long lapses between posts. I thought I’d updated your email info, but will definitely make sure! Huge hugs to you both!

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