Magical Mobula Rays

We shared one of our favorite anchorages at Isla Danzante with the likes of She’s No Lady, JollyDogs, Mamala, and new friends to us, S/V The Answer. Lucky for us, our new friends had a functioning drone, a capable pilot, and the perfect subject – a veritable mob of mobula rays that swarmed the anchorage for the better part of an afternoon. It was magical.

Mobulas are similar in appearance to manta rays, just a bit smaller, and are sometimes called “flying rays” because of their boundless displays of breaching. Why do they breach? Some say to attract a mate, others say to shake off parasites. Little is known about these beautiful creatures, but on this day, it didn’t matter what they were doing or why. All that mattered was that we were witness to it, and now you will be too.

First, we must give credit where credit is due: Todd aboard The Answer provided the amazing drone video and aerial stills of Free Luff, the rays, and the anchorage. Thank you, Todd!!

Enjoy the magic!



  1. Greg Thomsen

    Jody and Randy,
    What an amazing video. Your magical journey continues. Please note our email address has changed to

    1. Jody Fraser

      Indeed, the magic continues. So, so lucky are we. Thanks for the updated email! Hope all is well in your retired world!

  2. Jan Fraser aka Aunt Jan

    Magical for sure! Loved it kids, and thank you for all your work on

    1. Jody Fraser

      This stuff never gets old! Glad you enjoy it, too!

  3. Tannika

    What! Seriously? That was amazing video & pics of an amazing event. Or as I like to say, wow!

    1. Jody Fraser

      Yes. Wow! Double wow!

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